Integration through
collaboration and unity

We uplift stateless Bhutanese refugees in Denmark, fighting for citizenship, integration, and advocating rights, ensuring no one is left without a nation or identity



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Our journey of compassion and hope

We were expelled from their homeland in the 1990s, found refuge in reffugee camp in nepal for 20 years and later in Denmark. Despite gratitude for Danish sanctuary, still 828 out of 845 refugees remain stateless.

ABC Danmark aids integration and cultural preservation while advocating for citizenship, hoping for a future of belonging.


No one should die without a country to belong to

Every human deserves a nation’s embrace. Let’s unite to end statelessness, affirming dignity, belonging, and a shared commitment to human rights. By doing so, we uphold the principles of justice, equality, and compassion that define In unity, we can foster a society where everyone is included, valued, and given the opportunity to thrive. Let’s build a future where no one is left without a country to call home.

Bhutanese refugees
People above 50

Statistical Data Analysis

Comprehensive statistical data report detailing the experiences and integration of settles Bhutanese refugees in Denmark


Uniting for Belonging

ABC Danmark is committed to the integration and support of Bhutanese refugees in Denmark. We passionately advocate for the rights to citizenship, actively preserving our rich cultural heritage, while striving to overcome the significant challenges posed by statelessness.

As we work towards becoming active and contributing Danish citizens, we remain united and steadfast in our mission.

Inspiring Tales From Our Community

Dive into the amazing stories of strength and resilience displayed by Bhutanese refugees in Denmark.

Nu kan de ikke få statsborgerskab

Between 2008 and 2015, Danish authorities agreed to receive quota refugees from seven camps in Nepal, with the aim of resettling 845 stateless Bhutanese people in Denmark. However, strict citizenship rules have prevented most from obtaining Danish citizenship, with language requirements proving particularly challenging for many who have not had formal education. As a result, only 2% of the original group have obtained citizenship, leaving the majority still stateless. ABC Denmark, an association of Bhutanese communities in Denmark, is now appealing to the Danish government to recognize their unique situation and facilitate their path to citizenship.

A Better Education for Everyone

Born stateless to Bhutanese refugees in Nepal, I was resettled in Denmark at 11, eagerly embracing the culture and language. Now, despite feeling Danish and defending its values, I remain stateless due to restrictive residency laws and paperwork. My provisional residency must be renewed biennially, and I possess a convention passport, not a regular one. European travel requires lengthy airport stays, and visa applications are mandatory for non-European countries. Danish citizenship is a complex, lengthy process, hindered by my temporary residency status. My brother, despite being an educated engineer, faces similar challenges. Denmark’s current legislation supports statelessness, contradicting its aim for a permanent solution for Bhutanese refugees.

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